Missing Classmates

Hello Friends,

This list of Classmates are those who have neither email address nor street address entered in the system.  It is possible that some of our classmates don't use the internet or that we have not yet entered their street address.  However, if you know how to contact anyone on this list, please let us know.  Or, better yet, contact them yourself and extend your personal invitation to join the website.  They might just sign in for YOU!   :-)


Nancy Linn Battin (Dobrosky)
Maika Heidemarie Bielitzer (Hofmann)
Clarice Jean Chilson (Puetz)
Yoletta Ferdinands
Leonard Louis Ferron
Virginia Lee Fratt (Webster)
Bonnie Arlene Fry (Williams)
Diane Kathleen Haavik (Horne)
Barbara Hawkins
LeRoy Arden Helvey
Hayes Quintin Johnson
Carol Ann Krog (Lang)
Cheryl Lucille Lamb (Cheri) (Kerr)
Sally Jo Mallicoat (Harbert)
Wesley May
Beverly Dell Minion
Susan K. Parry (Morrison)
Ken S. Salmonson
Terri Lee Sanderson (Ebert)
Rose (Ann) Schult (Shaw-Males)
Daniel Gilbert Schuricht (Don)
Yalcin Sener
Joel Charles Shekter, Jr. (Chuck)
Sheryl Dianne Staines
Richard Duane Stevens
Carol Sue Stukan (Zinn)
Elisa Tisdale
Bob Bruce Turner
Edna Mae Vaughn (Spence)
Warren (Bud) Smith Warren L. Dobbs

Guest Members

Kathy Wood (Meek) (English Teacher)