55th Reunion?

Dear Classmates,

A conversation has been going on between Reunion Committee Members about whether or not to organize a 55th Reunion and we decided to ask for your input.  What we have been hoping to find is a location with the following criteria:

     **A space large enough for 50-60 people (our estimate of how many might actually attend) for an afternoon luncheon.  (Too many of us don't like to drive at night).

     **Accessibility because we are all getting older and some have walkers, canes, wheelchairs, wobbly knees, etc

     **A restroom nearby our space because we are old. wink

     **Quiet enough to hear each other as lots of us are hard-of-hearing. surprise

     **A way for each of us to order our own food/drinks without having to ask you to pay ahead of time and without committee members needing to keep track of money, who is coming/not coming, etc.  We are searching for easy-peasey.

So far the stopping point has been the last item.  We have checked out 5 places in the area and none of them are willing to accommodate separate ordering for such a large group.  

So we are seriously considering returning to The Stockpot Restaurant, mostly because they are easy to work with and it is quiet.  So, if you will respond to the questionnaire it will help us decide on a direction.  Thanks!

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1)   * Are you interested in attending an afternoon luncheon 55th Reunion Activity sometime this summer at the Stockpot Restaurant?

Yes No
2)   * Would you be willing to pay $25.00-$35.00 to attend a 55th Reunion Luncheon?

Yes No
Because this is what it will cost to book the room, pay gratuities, and provide the meal.
3)   Which menu would you prefer? We can only have one menu choice and the price includes buffet, gratuity, room costs, no-host bar. Add $5.00 to each menu below if we decide to include dessert.

  Hamburger Buffet @$28.00 each-Same as 70th Birthday Party in 2015
  Texas BBQ Brisket & Chicken Buffet@$35.00 each
  Louisiana Pulled Pork and Chicken Buffet@$35.00 each
4)   Do you want dessert included at an additional cost of $5.00?

Yes No